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Game Development, Art and Design

May’s Journal

May's Journal of Time Travels

May’s Journal of Time Travels on Google Play!


Every traveler needs a good pocket guide. Even time travelers!
Follow May as she travels back in time to 19th century Europe on a fantastic assignment to write a guidebook for fellow time tourists.

May’s Journal of Time Travels is a relaxing puzzle game in which players visit historic places depicted by original 18 and 19-century art, sourced from British Library’s digital collection. With each gameplay, art created more than two centuries ago is given a new life.

Simple narrative ties the game together, with themes about history, environment, and gender roles. Players explore the Victorian period, seen through the eyes of a modern woman.

May’s Journal of Time Travels is designed to be a short, minimalist, and calm experience, without demanding all of the time and attention from the players. It can be completed in under two hours.

Developer: GameHugger
Official site:
Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Discord

Platforms: Android (Google Play)
Released: July 22nd, 2021
Game Design, Story and Production: GameHugger
Image Credits: The British Library (on Flickr)
Music Credits: Bradovic and Herbert Boland (full credits)
Built With: Construct 3

Download the press kit with images, animated gifs, icons, and logos.

Releases and News

  • April 21, 2021 – First open beta is available on Google Play
  • July 22, 2021 – Full release (v1.01)

Official Trailer

Gameplay Video